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The SolanaHoldersX Bot is a valuable tool designed to increase the number of holders for your Solana token. This guide provides a clear and concise walkthrough to get you started.

How to Use the SolanaHoldersX Bot: Make Holders for your Token

Step 1: Launch the Bot on Telegram

Open telegram and launch the bot -> https://t.me/SolanaHolderX_bot to initiate a chat.

Step 2: Start the Process

Type or click "/Start" in the chat window to begin using the SolanaHoldersX Bot.

Step 3: Provide Token Information

  • Enter the Contract Address (CA) of your token.

  • The SolanaHoldersX Bot will retrieve and display your token's information, including its name and current number of holders.

Step 4: Check and Fund Your Deposit Wallet

The bot automatically generates a wallet address for your trading activity. You'll see your wallet address and the current balance at the bottom of the token information displayed. You can transfer SOL from other wallets like Phantom to this address.

Step 5: Set Your Target Holders

Before setting your target holders, ensure you have funded the bot's deposit wallet.

Click the â›ŗī¸ Set Target button and enter the desired number of holders you want for your token. You can enter between 1 and 6,000 unique wallets. For example, if you want to increase the number of holders of your token by 50, simply enter and send.

Step 6: Initiate Holder Acquisition

Click the button to instruct the SolanaHoldersX Bot to begin distributing your token to the targeted number of wallets.

Watch Your Holders Increase!

The SolanaHoldersX Bot will immediately start allocating your token to the specified number of wallets. You can monitor the progress within the Telegram interface by clicking the 🔃 Refresh and observe the increasing number of holders for your token. You can also monitor the increase on any solana blockchain scanner like dexscreener.

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