📊Buybacks & Burning

VolumeX is committed to a long-term sustainable ecosystem for the $VOLX token and our investors. A key element of this strategy is our Token Buyback & Burn program.

How It Works

50% of fees from both bots will be go to buybacks and burn of $VOLX on a weekly basis.

  1. Revenue Source: A portion of the fees (50%) collected from users for the operation of both VolumeX Bot and SolanaHoldersX Bot will be allocated towards this program.

  2. Weekly Buybacks: 50% of the total bot revenue will be used to buy back $VOLX tokens weekly.

  3. Regular Burns: The purchased $VOLX tokens will then be permanently removed from circulation through burning.

Benefits for VOLX Holders

  • By reducing the total supply of $VOLX tokens, buybacks and burns can help to increase the value of each remaining token for holders.

  • A reduced supply of tokens can contribute to greater price stability over time.

This strategy shows our commitment to the long-term health and value of the $VOLX token and the VolumeX ecosystem. Also, all buyback and burn transactions will be publicly verifiable on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency for our community.

We believe this Token Buyback & Burn program will play a vital role in creating a strong foundation for the future growth and success of VolumeX.

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