đŸĒ™$VOLX Token

$VOLX Token Utility

The $VOLX token will serve as the core token within the VolumeX ecosystem. It will empower users to:

  • Access VolumeX Bots: Utilize $VOLX to pay for access and ongoing operational fees for the VolumeX Bot and SolanaHolderX Bot. However, at the moment, the fees and operations for both bots are charged in SOL, so there is no requirement to use $VOLX to carry out transactions on the bots.

  • Governance: Holders will be able to participate in future governance decisions regarding the VolumeX platform (to be elaborated upon in future updates).


Symbol: $VOLX

Total Supply: 10,000,000 $VOLX

Tax: 0.0

Distribution Breakdown:

The following table illustrates the distribution of $VOLX tokens:

CategoryPercentageAllocation (Tokens)Lockup



7,000,000 $VOLX


Liquidity Pool


1,400,000 $VOLX

Burnt at launch

Advisors & Partners


800,000 $VOLX


CEX Listing


400,000 $VOLX




400,000 $VOLX


This distribution model ensures a fair allocation of tokens for various purposes:

  • Presale: Public sale to VOLX investors.

  • Liquidity Pool: A sufficient liquidity pool is crucial for fostering healthy token trading on decentralized exchanges. Liquidity gets burnt at the launch of $VOLX.

  • Advisors & Partners: Allocations to advisors and partners incentivize their expertise and long-term commitment to the project's success.

  • CEX Listing: Tokens allocated for CEX listing will be used to secure listings on reputable centralized exchanges.

  • Team: The team allocation provides necessary resources for ongoing development and project maintenance.

This balanced distribution aims to create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders within the VolumeX community.

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