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The SolanaVolumeX Bot is a powerful tool designed to help you strategically increase your token's on-chain trading volume. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough to get you started.

How to Use the VolumeX Bot: Increase Your Token's Trading Volume

Step 1: Launch the Bot on Telegram

Launch the bot on Telegram via https://t.me/SolanaVolumeX_bot to initiate a chat.

Step 2: Start the Process

Click "/Start" in the chat window to begin using the VolumeX Bot.

Step 3: Provide Token Information

  • Enter the Contract Address (CA) of your token. This unique identifier locates your token on the Solana blockchain.

  • The VolumeX Bot will retrieve and display your token's information, including its name, liquidity, and pooled SOL.

Step 4: Confirm Your Bot Wallet Address

The bot automatically generates a wallet address for your trading activity. You'll see your wallet address and the current balance at the bottom of the token information displayed.

Step 5: Set Your Target Volume

Click on Target Volume Amount (0.1M) and specify the desired minimum trading volume you want to generate. The minimum amount is 0.1 SOL.

Step 6: Choose Wallet Size

Click on Set Wallet Size and enter the number of on-chain wallets you want the bot to utilize for generating the trading volume. You can choose between 1 and 8 wallets.

Step 7: Fund Your Bot Wallet

Deposit SOL into your Deposit wallet, which is displayed by the bot. You can tap on the address to copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting. After the deposit, your SOL balance will be updated in the bot.

Important: Ensure the deposited SOL amount covers your target trading volume. You can transfer SOL from other wallets like Phantom to fund this address.

Step 8: Divide SOL for Trading

Click the đŸĒ“ Divide button. This will deduct the required SOL from your balance and distribute it proportionally among the on-chain wallets used for trading.

Step 9: Start Volume Generation

Click the 🚀Start button to initiate the automated trading activity. The VolumeX Bot will begin executing buy and sell orders with your token, increasing your trading volume.

Sit Back and Monitor 😎

The VolumeX Bot will handle the trading activity. You can monitor the progress on any solana blockchain scanner like dexscreener. Observe the rising trading volume for your token.

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